Trader Information Pack

Little Bird Made Ltd | Terms and Conditions

By attending our events you are confirming you agree with Little Bird Made Ltd terms and conditions, which have been put together to protect your business, Little Bird Made Ltd, and our visitors.


If you are a market organiser or event organiser you are not permitted to trade with us. 

Exhibitors must comply with health and safety regulations, in line with the Health and Safety Act (1974). You need a minimum of £1 million public liability insurance to showcase at our events and it is your responsibility to keep this up to date.

Public liability insurance: 

You must possess valid public liability insurance for the duration of the event which needs to be always kept with you during the event. We must also possess an up-to-date copy of it on file.  If you employ staff, you need to include employee insurance in your policy. At each event, you must have the ability to produce your public liability insurance for spot checks.


All gazebos’ pitches are 3x3 and you must provide your own. Garden gazebos are NOT acceptable. If you attend with one and it’s not weatherproof you will not be permitted to trade. All stalls are checked for weights. A minimum of x4 professional weights is required. During the winter months, we suggest you have two on each leg.

Examples of professional gazebos can be found here.

Examples of professional weights can be found here.

Risk Assessment: 

It is essential that exhibitors carry out a Risk Assessment for their stalls. It must be available at every market if a spot check is done. We need you to think over the risks of trading at our events and plan a risk assessment. Plan out what you must do to keep yourself and our visitors safe. Thinking of trip hazards, sharp objects, health and hygiene hazards, infrastructure hazards (especially when you provide your own gazebo, weights etc). It is the trader’s responsibility to ensure their products conform to the accepted legal framework and legislation for general consumer sales in the UK. 


Food Traders:

  • No handling food without gloves

  • Hand wash facilities must be provided (as a minimum flask of hot water and hand wash)

  • Spray and wipe table before and after use with anti-bacterial spray

  • You must provide your own bin and clear your own rubbish at the end of the day.

  • Each food-based business needs to register with its local council and request an inspection from an environmental health officer. Some food-based businesses may be told they are low risk/ low priority for an inspection. It is imperative that you are registered as a minimum and when your inspection takes place the best practice is to display your food hygiene rating on your stall.

  • Your local council will provide information on your packaging requirements as a business, weights, and measures, what you should display regarding allergies, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can refer to Safer Food, Better Business.


Hot Food Traders:

  • Need to demonstrate that you have access to hot water to wash your hands.

  • Selling hot and heated foods – You must check the temperatures of your food before serving.

  • Cool Boxes – also need to be checked for correct temperatures through the market day and prior to serving.

  • Food traders must wear an apron.


Alcohol Traders:

  • You must have a personal licence to sell alcohol at the events. You need to supply us with your personal licence number.

  • If the personal licence holder is unable to work the stall you must ensure you designate a competent number of staff who understands the responsibilities of your personal license.

  • You must display a challenge 25 sign on your stall.


Food Hygiene: 

Where food is being sold or samples given out you must always adhere to basic health and hygiene. You must have valid food safety and hygiene certificates and your items must comply with British food and hygiene regulations. In the case of inspection, all paperwork must be kept on yourselves during the event along with a risk assessment carried out by yourself or your company.



Little Bird Artisan Markets will not accept liability for any issues regarding set up, de-rig or incidents that may arise during your presence at the event. Please be patient on set up and the pitch you are given will not be changed on the day. This is a curated artisan market. Make the most of your pitch. Be happy to trade in our beautiful host towns.



There is no power to any stalls. If you do need power this needs to be provided by yourself and all cabling and appliances you provide must be PAT tested and meet the legal requirements. You must ensure you have the relevant PAT certificates with you at the event.


You must provide a Gas Safety Certificate if required. The use of flammable explosives or otherwise dangerous materials or equipment is strictly prohibited. Traders using gas must have up-to-date gas safety certificates and ensure a copy is always kept on them. All Exhibitors must provide suitable fire blankets or extinguishers if applicable to their set-up.


All trader waste needs to be removed by yourselves.


Little Bird Made is run by a small team. In order for things to run smoothly and with full transparency, we urge all communication between Little Bird and traders to be done via the company email, Please refrain from sending messages on Facebook or asking questions in the comments as they can often get overlooked and this can cause issues. Please note that emails are answered during standard office hours and that there may be a delay at weekends due to us being onsite managing an event.


  • Payment terms will be on the confirmation/invoice and all markets need to be paid in advance.

  • Once confirmed if you need to cancel the event, we need you to let us know by 12 noon 10 days before the event takes place otherwise, we are unable to offer a refund.

  • Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend an event, an empty stall is detrimental to the event and to your fellow stallholders.

  • Traders who do not pay on time (regular or infrequent) and have had x2 late invoice requests will not be permitted to trade with Little Bird Made Ltd. for four months.

  • Payment terms - You will be sent an invoice that must be paid within 3 days. If you fail to pay your pitch will be cancelled.

  • Additional dates shall be invoiced at the time of booking and must be paid within 24 hours or your pitch shall be cancelled.


Cancellation policy:

  • In the rare occurrences that we do cancel an event, 50% of the pitch fee will be refunded. The remaining money is to go to admin and hire charges. (We still have to pay our hire fees). Refunds are non-transferable and the refund must be claimed within seven days of the event being canceled. We shall try our best to refund all monies as quickly as possible.

  • Once your application has been accepted, 100% of the booking fee is required to confirm your stall booking.

  • If you cancel your booking there shall be no refund

  • You will be sent an invoice that must be paid within 3 days. If you fail to pay your pitch will be cancelled.


Little Bird Values:

We need to ensure we all work together in a respectful environment. Any disagreements between stallholders or concerns need to discuss with Jackie Crozier only in a respectful and professional way. Do not complain to other traders as this brings down the atmosphere of the events. We all have bad days however traders who continue to be unhappy and unwelcoming to our customers will not be booked onto future events. We want customers to come back and recommend our markets.

  • Please do not sit on your mobile phone all day. A busy stall is a trader who interacts with our customers.

  • Please be respectful of Little Bird Staff on arrival. They are there to help and get the markets set up.