LIFE'S A PITCH | Stall essentials

When it comes to trading there is a list of essentials that are needed to make life a little easier, we call them our None Negotiables. The rest are items that we think will help you to create a great stall and shopping experience...


  • Gazebo & weights

  • Tables (and some cardboard for the wobbely leg or uneven surface)

  • Table cloth

  • Card machine

  • Cash tin with float (if you are taking cash payments). £40 in notes and then some change

  • Stock

  • A way of recording your sales and giving receipts

  • Portable chargers and USB cables

  • Hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues

  • Stall plan, preparation is key to the success of a stall

  • Price list, price tags

  • Chair/stool


  • Roller banner, printed table cloth, banners

  • Business cards

  • Postcards/flyers

  • Paper Carrier bags (they look great with an ink stamp or sticker)

  • Display items/props such as crates, shelves etc. Ikea, Dunhelm Mills, Amazon and Etsy is a great place to start

  • Lights (great for dull cloudy days and Autumn/Winter months)

  • Wrapping for delicate items

  • Samples or giveaway (these add value to a customers purchase)


  • Scissors

  • Calculator

  • Pad and pen

  • Mints (keep that breath fresh)

  • Clamps (they help to keep thigs in place when its windy)

  • Plastic dust sheets (Wilkos) for when it rains

FOOD & DRINK (it's great to support the food and drink vendors but you need the basics too incase you cannot get off your stall)

  • A flask of tea/coffee

  • Water/refillable flask

  • Food... breakfast/lunch

  • Energy bars, chocolate


  • Standing on the cold ground for 5 - 7 hours can be hard on your body and it can make you tired. Get yourself some door matt or piece of carpet to stand on. This is needed during the cold months


  • Dog bowl and water

  • Online discount code for shoppers

  • Sign up form for mailing list

  • Samples, giveaway or market day offer


  • Footwear is essential as you are going to be on your feet alot... walking boots are great

  • Think about layers so you can take off and put on as the weather will change

  • Have gloves and hat for when it gets cold

And finally... don't forget to pack your smile.

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