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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Hello, I’m Paula. An award winning nature and landscape photographer who loves getting off the beaten track to capture beautiful images of the world we live in.

With my trusty Land Rover, I can access the remotest landscapes and go to just about any lengths to get the perfect shot – even if that means laying in a muddy field or standing knee-deep in a river for hours on end!

Coming from a family of photographers, my journey into photography started at a young age when my mum bought me my first film camera at a jumble sale. We had a dark room at home and watching an image appear in the water was the closest I’ve ever come to real magic.

Introducing Norton

So where does the Land Rover come into it?

Well, I couldn’t possibly be without Norton. He might be 32 years old, he might leak a little when it rains, but he can get me anywhere. He’s kitted out for overland trips with a fridge, freezer, awnings, roof tent. hair straighteners (yes really lol) and lots of camping gear. We’ve had lots of adventures together and he’s helped me capture many of the images you’ll see in my gallery and markets. I believe our homes should be a reflection of the things we love and what could be better than showing your love of the great outdoors and nature than with beautiful photographic landscapes?

Whether it’s a favourite location, a landscape that evokes childhood memories, or a destination you’re longing to revisit; I hope my images bring you as much enjoyment as I had when capturing them.

Paula x

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