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I’ve always liked tea, but by that, like lots of people, I meant a cup of Yorkshire Tea to start the day. Then came a trip to China, a visit to a Tea House, some Tea Shops and a Tea Plantation my eyes were opened to a whole new world of tea. Back in the UK and a gift of a book on Tea Blending, a story about the Camel Caravans, the Steppes of Mongolia, I was hooked and Mags Totally Tea was born. Lots of experimenting followed, using friends and family as guinea pigs, a couple of events booked, a shop on Ebay then Etsy, a regular monthly market, more events, the amazing Little Bird Artisan Markets and that’s me up to date.

OK lots has happened in between not least lockdown and some not so successful tea blends, but we will swiftly brush over those and embrace the future whatever it brings. Mags Totally Tea now has an extensive range of Teas and Blends, Green Teas, Black Teas, Fruit & Herb Tisanes which come in Packets, Jars, Caddies and even a couple in Biodegradable Pyramid Bags. There is also a range of gift packs, sample packs and still in the planning process 2021s Loose Leaf Tea Advent Calendar and 12 Teas Of Christmas.

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