MEET THE TRADER | Marley Fields Pet Boutique

“Hello! My name is Megan and I own Marley Fields Pet Boutique. With my pooch Lola by my side my goal is to make people happy through enjoying the love of animals.

I decided to start up my business just before the first lockdown, after loosing job after job due to having M.E and fibromyalgia I started up a little hobby making pet accessories to help my mental health, after posting Lola on social media, friends and family were interested in my creations and well it all started from there!

Marley Fields is my fresh start in life so the name was fitting for my buisness too.

After trials and tribulations of working from home, leaving 9-5 to work 80 hour weeks is stressful but I absolutely love what I do!

I love to create and design making pet collars, bows, bandanas and even horse head collars!

In July when Brexit hit my website and business was hit BAD so I looked into doing markets where I found Jackie and the team with Little Birds! Jackie has given me the wings I didn’t know I had and I will continue to fly to one day having a mini pet accessory empire! " - Megan.


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