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Recently we have been talking to our traders about how Little Bird Made has shaped their business. Since we have heard so many wonderful stories, many of which are heart-warming and inspiring... we have decided to share some of them with you all.

Paula Beaumont is a regular trader with Little Bird Made and her stall, Paula Beaumont Adventures showcases her award-winning fine art nature and landscape photographs. Her stall is a massive hit with our local visitors and tourists as it highlights so many beautiful places in Yorkshire.

Recently, Jackie got a few minutes to have a chat with Paula about her business...

Can you tell me about one of the biggest orders that can come in from Little Bird Made?

I'd already had a fabulous day at Harrogate last month and a lovely couple bought 3 framed prints to put in a common area of their large block of flats. When the rest of the residents saw the pictures they all wanted new ones so they collectively decided to spend their management fees on new Yorkshire Prints throughout the whole building. Each resident got a choice from my website and my customer emailed the list through and I ended up doing another 6 prints for them all framed up then another six a week later.

We know that your products were a big hit for Yorkshire Day. Tell me about the mug order?

I had a lovely lady visit my stall that loved my Yorkshire Mugs - we chatted about whether I could make 70 for her staff for Yorkshire day. I designed 10 different mugs for her with "Yorkshire Day 2022" on them and delivered them the day before Yorkshire Day and she popped one of everyone's desks before they got into work on Yorkshire Day. It went down a storm and was tweeted lots with pictures of the mugs. From the same market, a nice couple from the North East bought two framed prints and then called me to order two more to pick up at this month's market. All in all, it made pretty incredible takings from one market!

What is your most recent order that came in after a Little Bird Made market?

Only this morning a lady booked a photo shoot with her Jeep after seeing my Landrover images and also booked me to shoot their small wedding!! I met them at Richmond market - how cool is that?

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