Here are some conversations that we have had with traders recently...


1. Social media needs to be more than "buy this" or "this is on sale now". It needs to be more about YOU. You are the brand, you are the maker/trader. People want to invest in you, in your story, and in your journey. They don't want to see what you had for your dinner or your holiday snaps (save that for your personal page) but they do want to know more about you and the story behind your business.

2. You get out of social media what you put in. You cannot just post and then expect great engagement if you don't engage. Take some time each day to engage... click like, leave a comment, share a couple of posts, and hit save too. Engagement is key but it does take time, set aside ten minutes, use a timer and engage.

3. There is no harm in looking for inspiration from your fellow traders and the bigger brands (we all do it). Look at what works for other people and then put your creative spin on it. Look at what hashtags they use and the way they showcase their brand. Don't copy but be inspired.


For more tips and tricks, join our rescheduled social media workshop on Feb 18th at Wetherby Town Hall. For more details, email

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